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Massage Mastery Programme

The Complete Guide to doing an Exceptional Massage

A 6-week, Online Programme to help you fine-tune your massage, get more clients, more referrals and become the “go-to” therapist you deserve to be.


You’d like to learn how to make your massage more effective, but where do you start? You don’t want to do a level 4 or level 5. You’re not interested in training in Sports Massage.

One-day CPD courses only teach new techniques and you want to learn something more comprehensive and thorough. You want to do an exceptional massage.

Why be a GOOD therapist, when you could be EXCEPTIONAL?

In this on-line programme you will learn a step-by-step system for creating a massage experience that everyone (including you!) will love.

  • You will take an in-depth look at EVERY aspect of your massage treatment, taking the quality of your treatment to a whole new level.
  • You will learn the tips, hints and secrets your massage school didn’t teach you – that will set your massage far, far above the rest
  • You will understand how to give a treatment that will bring you a stream of clients, referrals and create a thriving business for you.

By the end of the programme, you will be able to give an exceptional treatment from beginning to end; a beautiful, remedial massage that has both soul and substance.

In the Massage Mastery Programme, you will take a deep-dive into the art of massage and fine-tune your skills as a therapist.

 you’ll learn to: 

Attract your ideal clients – the ones that are a joy to work with and who love the work that you do.

Take the guess work out of your treatment, by understanding what your client really needs.

Fine-tune your touch – work more remedially, and feel confident that your treatments deliver results

Know where to treat and when, to get the best possible outcome for your client

Encourage your client to re-book. No more feeling pushy-salesy with the perfect after-massage conversation to get repeat business

AND you will learn the EXACT consultation, aftercare and re-booking techniques that will build your business, as well as how to tailor the perfect massage to your client group.


 This Programme is for you if:

You are level 3 trained and you are starting to realise there is so much about being a massage therapist that your massage qualification alone couldn’t teach you.

You feel confident in your basic skills, but:

You’re feeling ready to move on with your massage – You really don’t want to do the same run-of-the-mill treatments as everybody else, and you’re ready to start going off-piste and to find your own style.

You’d like to learn more about how to work both remedially AND holistically to ensure your clients gets the best of both worlds within their treatments.

You feel that adding extra techniques to your repertoire isn’t the answer. You would like to learn how to create a beautiful and effective massage experience from beginning to end of the treatment.

You’d like to know what type of touch to use, when and why


My name is Nikki, I am the owner of Orchid Massage Academy.

I have been running a successful massage practice for the last 20 years and I’ve been teaching VTCT massage courses for over 15 years.

While I was teaching I found it so frustrating that I had to stick to the curriculum. I wanted to teach everything I knew about massage – but there just wasn’t time. I saw therapists struggling with their massage, or with retaining clients and I used to wish there was a way I could help them.

I realised that there is so much that the level 3 qualification doesn’t really touch on, or doesn’t go in enough depth into. Most courses teach new TECHNIQUES – and, although helpful, a host of new techniques don’t make an amazing therapist, Or make clients re-book.

An exceptional massage requires more subtle knowledge: You need to know HOW to treat the client.

You need to use

  • the right touch,
  • at the right time,
  • with the right pressure,
  • in the right places…

… while making the whole experience delightful for your client.

Even the world’s best body massage course can’t teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about giving an amazing massage. Mostly you are taught the basics and then you are expected to learn the rest as you go along. You can go on to do one-day CPD courses, and learn new techniques, or you can do a level 4, 5 or Sports massage, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in between. So that’s why I wrote this programme

An exceptional massage means putting thought, care, understanding and insight into EVERY part of the treatment.

An amazing therapist is one who can do a massage that is both laser focused and holistic, treating the whole person as you are also treating the parts.

And you can’t learn how to do that through yet another off-the-shelf technique.

I designed this programme to help you:

Feel completely confident in your massage techniques,

Fine-tune your skills and your treatments so that you feel able to raise your prices.

And…to give you advice, support, motivation, guidance and inspiration to help you become the amazing massage therapist you know you can be.

I have poured all my experience, education and expertise into this course to help you become the ultimate massage therapist.


“Nikki has a huge amount of experience that she is willing to share. She listened to my concerns, concentrated on the main issues and gave me a lot to think about” Natalie B.
Nikki is a knowledgeable and lovely tutor. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn from the best! ” Lisa. F
“Nikki has a wealth of experience and knowledge. she creates therapists that will stand out in the industry.” Laura W.
 “Nikki is an incredibly skilled, intuitive and caring massage therapist. I am so pleased I did my training with her, she was fantastic to learn from. I would highly recommend.” Suzi W.

What’s inside The Massage Mastery Programme?

6 Weekly Live Webinars:

WEEK ONE: CLIENTS – HEAVENLY OR HELLISH? How to attract clients that light you up.

WEEK TWO: THE CLIENT JOURNEY. Why each massage session is a carefully thought out choreography from beginning to end.

WEEK THREE: THE PERFECT CONSULTATION. Give the client the exact treatment they need, by asking these questions.

WEEK FOUR: THE ART OF MASSAGE. The 7 Secrets of doing an exceptional massage

WEEK FIVE: HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR MASSAGE. To get the best possible results for your client.

WEEK SIX: RE-BOOKING CLIENTS EVERY TIME (without feeling pushy-salesy)


And to really help you improve the quality of your massage, the programme also includes:


 “WOW” Factors idea bank.

A swipe-file filled with ideas to add “WOW” to your treatments. (Usual cost £27)


Client Journey Workbook.

Fill in this workbook, to map out your client’s journey through their treatment with you. Using this workbook, you can see where you can add “WOW” factors and start charging more for your treatments. (Usual cost £12)


Massage Myths PDF  – Lactic Acid, Toxins and Other Stories.

What is REALLY happening in a massage (and it’s probably not what you were originally taught). (usual cost £27)


Massage Mastery private Facebook group.

This is where our community gathers to give and receive support, accountability, and cheerleading. This is a safe place to ask questions, share ideas and let us know what you’re up to.


PLUS60 Minute Mentoring Session with Nikki.

Focused solely on you and your practice, we delve into whatever you like –a challenge you are facing with a client, how much you should be charging, where you might be getting stuck in your business or with your treatments. Anything at all. (usual cost £75)


 There are eight core Modules in the Massage Mastery curriculum. Each module will be covered in one or more of the 6 weekly webinar sessions during the programme.

All course materials, including PDFs, scripts and recordings and work sheets are within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow massage therapists on the Massage Mastery facebook group.

You have access to the training for the lifetime of the Massage Mastery Programme. Once the initial 6 weeks are over, you can still go through the materials at your own pace. The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work.

You can revisit and review the training materials any time. Remember, gaining Massage Mastery takes time!

 Contact us to register your interest in this course

“Nikki is such a great teacher and mentor I would highly recommend anybody to learn with her.” Emma C.
“Nikki is knowledgeable, passionate and absolutely amazing at her job. She is, without doubt, the greatest masseuse I’ve ever come across.” Amanda S.
“The quality and level of teaching I received during the course was excellent. Nikki is a great teacher.” Helen. W


The Programme is NOT for you if:


You are happy doing the massage you learned at college and going on a few courses to gain new techniques. You have to want to be EXCEPTIONAL. This is not a list of new techniques. This is whole new way of thinking about your treatments.

If you believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to massage. Or if you treat the body and not the person,  this isn’t for you either.

If you want more clients and a thriving massage practice, it means putting QUALITY first.

A QUALITY massage solves your client’s problems and makes them feel amazing. Put thought, care, understanding and insight into EVERY part of the treatment and your clients will return again and again.

Get ready to take your massage to the next level! 

 Contact us to register your interest in this course


In this self-study course, you will learn:

Section 1The Art of Massage
Lecture 1Approach the Body on it's Own Terms
Lecture 27 Secrets of an Exceptional Massage
Lecture 3The Hunter's Way - how to know which areas to work
Lecture 4The 2 Fundamental Aims of Massage
Lecture 5Touch and Techniques - slow down and deepen up
Lecture 6Zen and The Art of Massage Mastery
Lecture 7The Best Bits - areas that most therapists miss
Lecture 8Snorkelling vs. Swimming - Experiencing a whole new world
Lecture 9The Wanderer Speaks - Introducing the Vagus Nerve
Lecture 10Working Remedially
Lecture 11Making Mountains out of Molehills - Seeing the SMALLER Picture
Section 2 How to do an in-depth consultation that will take the guess-work out of your treatment
Lecture 12Ask the RIGHT questions
Lecture 13The "Getting Better Effect" and how to manage it
Lecture 14Real Listening
Section 3How to structure each massage session so you get the best possible results for your client
Lecture 15Guide to Painful Places
Lecture 16Patterns of Tension
Lecture 17Where it Hurts is not (usually) Where It Is
Lecture 18Techniques to aid Relaxation - confusing & focusing
Lecture 19Timings - Don't bite off more than you can chew
Section 4Special touches that all clients will love
Section 5Lactic Acid, Toxins and Other Stories
Section 6Re-booking Clients Every Time (without feeling pushy-salesy)
Section 7Managing Expectations (the clients AND yours)
Lecture 23The 3 Day Rule
Lecture 24Why Massage is like Exercise
Lecture 25Letting Go of Results
Section 8What about YOU?
Lecture 26Who's taking care of you?
Lecture 27What is REAL relaxation and how to do it
Lecture 28Boundaries and why you need them
Lecture 29How to stay inspired, enthusiastic and motivated

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