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27 Oct 2020

Future-Proofing your Therapy Business

We’ve learned that as hands-on therapists, having just one source of revenue makes us very vulnerable. If the only way we make money is through hands-on work, we are in trouble right now.
During these Covid times, we are having to deal with lock-downs, quarantines, client cancellations, seeing less clients in a day – all of which are having a huge impact on our ability to earn a living. (And that’s not even taking into account the health risks to ourselves of close-contact work).
We need to see this situation as a wake-up call for us all. Even before Covid, having only a hands-on practice was always a risky position to be in. What if you injure yourself or are ill? Right now our therapy business feels exposed and vulnerable. And really, it always has been – we just didn’t acknowledge it.
When I was only doing massage, I was so scared of something happening to my hands and not being able to work, I even looked into insuring them! And then I realised that it made a lot more sense to build different ways of making money into my business; ways that didn’t just rely on me and my hands. So now I have teaching, mentoring, online courses and other sources of revenue, AS WELL as massage. It makes so much sense – if you haven’t already, you need to start building this too – or you are going to get left behind.
We all need to find more effective ways of working; ways to diversify, build different income streams and future-proof and Covid-proof our business.
So the question is – HOW do you do that?
The obvious answer is to start offering your services online -whether that’s through one to one sessions via Zoom/Skype – or by selling online courses, programmes, memberships or workshops to your clients.
If you step up and take this opportunity,you will prosper even when many other therapists will be struggling.
And something else you might not have considered before – working online means you free yourself up to work whenever and wherever you like!
You don’t need a ton of money to get started. You don’t even need a huge client base. And you certainly don’t need to be massively tech savvy. You just need some imagination, to be adaptable and willing to learn some new marketing techniques.
And if you’d like help doing it – just contact me 

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