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Learn to Treat Family & Friends

Holistic Therapies For Healthy Families during Covid-19

It’s so sad that due to Covid-19, you can’t get treatments from a therapist at the moment, yet it is in times like these that people really need massage and holistic therapies, to stay healthy and relaxed!

To help you out, we’ve put together a selection of online taster tutorials. These are 1 or 2 hour training sessions (depending on numbers), carried out live via Zoom by Nikki Wolf our Principal.

We can accommodate one-to-one sessions or group sessions (so you can meet up with your friends on zoom and make an event of it!)

Each session will focus on techniques for de-stressing, relaxing and immune-boosting. You can record the sessions and then carry the treatments out on your family or house mates.

choose from:

⭐️ Reflexology for family and friends – focused applying reflex point to boost the immune system and reduce stress and anxiety

⭐️ Aromatherapy for family and friends – focused on making blends to boost the immune system and to reduce stress and anxiety

⭐️Self-Massage Tutorials – How and where to apply self-massage to help you reduce pain and discomfort and promote relaxation

⭐️Seated Massage techniques – focused on applying massage techniques to help reduce pain, discomfort and promote relaxation

Price £20/hour

Contact us for more details or to arrange a tutorial.

Helping you stay healthy, well and relaxed! 💕💕

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