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Business Mentoring

As a massage or holistic therapist, you take care of many people. But who’s taking care of YOU and your business?

However long you’ve been a therapist and whatever you’re struggling with in your current practice, chances are I’ve been there. After 20 years of working in the industry, there’s little I haven’t experienced and I know what challenges, problems, worries and difficulties you’ll be going through as a therapist. And, after all this time, I know a thing or two about how to solve them!

My name is Nikki, I am the owner of Orchid Massage Academy and I have been running a successful massage and holistic therapy practice for the last 20 years (ok, it took the a few years of trial and error, working in spas and therapy centres before I really nailed it. But now I’ve built a thriving massage business and have continuously happy clients.)

There’s no reason why it should take you 20 years! Let me use my experience and expertise to help you.

Maybe you’re struggling to get enough clients, or you need help dealing with challenging ones. Do you want to learn how to set boundaries? – for example how to make sure a client doesn’t take up all your time and energy. Would you like to know how to deal with contraindications, or how to do an in-depth consultation that will make your clients feel heard and understood?

Maybe you’d like to know how to structure each massage session to get the best possible results, or how to make your massage more effective so that every client re-books.

Maybe you’ve been qualified for a while and you are wondering when you will start to feel like a real massage therapist. You lack confidence in your skills, you’re scared you are just making it up, and would love to know if you are doing it right.

I can help you with all this.

And then there’s your marketing. Do you need advice on:

  • getting referrals
  • persuading client to re-book
  • help with what to post on social media
  • or the wording for your website?

I can help you here too.

There is so much about being a massage therapist that your massage school DIDN’T teach you.

You know there is more to learn, You might even have done a host of other courses. But you don’t want a whole load of new techniques, you just want to be amazing and confident in what you do now!

And most importantly you want to feel supported.

If this is you, then I’m so pleased you’re here!

I offer one-to-one Mentoring sessions to help you with whatever you’re struggling with – in your therapy, your business and in your practice.

In these one-to-one hour-long sessions, you’ll have individual access to me via Zoom to get help, support and advice on all your big therapy and business questions.


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